Mesothelioma Lawyers

There are several choices available to individuals affected by asbestos disease when it comes to selecting an attorney. As a general rule, however, asbestos lawyers fall into one of three categories.

There are class action law firms, referring law firms and trial law firms. Each of these types of lawyers satisfy different needs for asbestos claimants.

A large portion of law firms that handle plaintiff cases are large class action firms that prosecute these claims alongside thousands of other claims made by similarly affected individuals. These asbestos lawyers are usually used to represent individuals who have not yet developed cancer and those who have developed forms of asbestosis other than mesothelioma. Many of these firms will maintain a caseload of several thousand clients and use their large dockets to force negotiations and trial dates for their clients that are in the direst of circumstances. In many instances these types of firms will threaten holdout companies with case filings in several states at the same time in order to help induce a settlement.

The second type of mesothelioma lawyer that is common throughout the country is the referring attorney. These attorneys are useful in that they help folks find the appropriate class action or trial law firm for people who do not know which type of mesothelioma lawyer to hire.

They provide a genuine service to individuals because each case would usually only be best represented by a small handful of trial lawyers in their jurisdictions. These firms do the interviewing and qualifications checking for asbestos clients so that they receive the best representation available.

The third and most important type of lawyer in a mesothelioma cancer case is the trial lawyer. These lawyers generally work exclusively on mesothelioma cases and have an intimate knowledge of their local state court systems with respect to mesothelioma. They are often considered boutique law firms because they maintain a smaller client base with only serious cancer patients as clients. Although they may have a seemingly smaller outfit than the class action firm, don’t be fooled into thinking that they do not have the resources available to adequately represent their clients. The top mesothelioma trial lawyers in the country have often been working up cancer cases for well over a decade and have amassed sizable fortunes in the process. Because of the high dollar amounts obtained in asbestos litigation, these trial lawyers have become some of the most successful and accomplished product liability lawyers in the country. With decades of internal company documents and millions of dollars in reserve, the typical mesothelioma trial lawyer will have no problem ensuring that your rights are adequately protected.

The nature of the injury can often help determine which type of law firm would be best suited to represent you and we have created Our site to help take the guesswork out of finding the appropriate attorney. We work with each of these types of attorneys to make sure your case is placed in the right office from the first day you make your claim. This site is not run by one office, but several law firms throughout the country with an understanding that only the appropriate law firm will handle your asbestos disease claim. If you have any questions about a case, feel free to contact us through any of the forms located on the site to obtain a case evaluation free of charge.

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